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Result  125.12 (7 place)

2014 Olympics

New important competitive season is about to start for all figure skaters. 2014 is the Olympic year. Olympic Games will be held in Sochi, Russian Federation in February!
Alina is one of the Ukrainian Olympic Team members, who is getting ready for upcoming events! With new programs, new ideas and hopefully new results!
New short program "Milord" by Andre Rieu.
Program is choreographed by Svetlana Kulikova.

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31 JAN - 3 FAB

The Nordics 2013 will be held in Reykjavík, Iceland

NM logo 2013 A4

11 place

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Camp in USA 2013

Recruit to the group, for summer training in figure skating in Connecticut June 2013.


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Rewarding Ukrainian Open



Dear friends!

December 18-21, I take part in international competitions in figure skating UKRAINIAN OPEN 2013. In the short program I speak 4-th, come hold me! Participation in UKRAINIAN OPEN 2013 - this is a very important event in my life, as the competition will be attended by skaters more than 15 countries. Of course I'm worried, but I am confident with your support I will succeed!

Result SP 44.27 (6 place)

 Result LP 125.12 (7 place)


Happy Birthday Alina!!!


Alina 18 years old

Figure Skating Seminar (photos)

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Figure Skating Seminar

Hosted by Champions Skating Center.seminar

Directed by Dmitry Palamarchuck.
Sunday, June 2, 2013
Seminar run by World and Olympic Level Coaches
Svetlana Veretennikova and Igor Novodran.

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Short program from Nordics 2013


Photos from Nordics 2013

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NM logo 2013 A4

31 JAN - 3 FAB

The Nordics 2013 will be held in Reykjavík, Iceland.

  RESULTS - 11 place

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nordics 4

Winter Fantasy on Ice


Show Ukrainian Nationals 2012

UA-668 UA-729

Ukrainian Championship 2012



 recent photos:

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Happy Birthday!!!


Happy Birthday to the best coach in the world, Dmitry Palamarchuk!!!


1st Denkova – Staviski Cup 13-16 Dec, 2012


Alina: "Very pleased with the trip to Sofia, Bulgaria. A great time to meet new, interesting guys. Many people have a lot to learn."

- TOTAL (122.81=43.52+79.29) 5 PLACE

- Alina came across 43,52 points, 3rd place after the short program. Alina MILEVSKAYA URK 43.52 22.86 20.66 5.25 4.83 5.17 5.25 5.33 0.00 #9

- - website

- Alina took off to the competition in Sophia, Bulgaria.

        Sophia Bulgaria alina milevskaia3 alina milevskaia2 fa39fe7cb0b0e5f2e4bd0226e35379a7


Bushenall park opening ice show In Hartford CT


Alina: "It was very bright outdoor rink in the park Bushenall downtown Hartford. In fact, very cool run-in. Met with the mayor of the city - a very kind and intelligent man. Heard from him many Distinctions, which is especially nice."